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Edina Realty, Inc.


​Born and raised in Minnesota, with the exception of a few childhood years in Colorado.

I played competitive baseball from age 6 to 40. Now, I'm just a hack golfer with a gorgeous wife and two young kids.

After various odd jobs, including washing dishes, prep cook, road crew lackey, and marketing account exec - I landed in real estate. After selling for a few years, the opportunity arose to open and manage Edina Realty's office in Downtown Minneapolis. I took it, then went on to manage four other offices for the company, including the flagship at 50th & France.

For the association, I volunteered for the Professional Standards committee sometime around 2004ish, and have since become a panel chair. After John Smaby told me I was going to be vice chair of the new Strategic Thinking Committee, and subsequently chaired the following year, I threw my name in the hat to become treasurer and get on the leadership track. A couple years later - here we are as President. It's a fun ride and I encourage those who care deeply about our industry to get involved.