Minnesota Homeowners Alliance

Public support is one of the best ways to influence policymaking at the Capitol. The Minnesota Homeowners Alliance (MHA) works to raise public awareness about issues that are important to homeowners and the real estate industry.

Funded with grants from the National Association of Realtors®, and dues dollars from Minnesota Realtor® members, the MHA manages advocacy campaigns that promote our positions on laws, regulations, ordinances, taxes, and other government policies.

These are a few of the issues where the MHA made a difference:

  • Downpayment Assistance Research
    Helped fund downpayment assistance research to help close the homeownership gap in Minnesota. Please visit for more information.
  • No Triple Tax
    Campaign against a sales tax on real estate services
  • No Sprinkler Mandate
    Campaign that prevented a requirement to put sprinklers in new-home construction
  • MN Homes Matter
    Coalition that protects homeowner rights and tax benefits like the mortgage interest deduction.
  • No Septic Escrow
    Action by MHA stopped a septic point-of-sale escrow that would have required homeowners to put up thousands of dollars before selling their homes.