Legal Affairs

From ethics violations to full-blown lawsuits, running a real estate business exposes you to risk. The best way to avoid trouble is to know the legal landscape. Minnesota Realtors® provides members with an array of invaluable legal resources.

The real estate forms used throughout the state were created by your peers and Minnesota Realtors® Risk Management team. Access these invaluable documents through your MLS, or through

Your comprehensive guide for mastering real estate laws, rules, and best practices.

Our resident Code of Ethics experts provide the guidance you need to maintain the highest standards of integrity and professionalism.

Whether the dispute is broker-to-broker, client-to-agent, or buyer-to-seller, our Risk Management team helps you reach an equitable resolution.

The resources you need to navigate the law and understand the legal landscape.

Tangled up in law? Have your broker call the Legal Hotline and our staff attorneys will answer your questions about general legal issues.