Key Contact Program

What is the Key Contact Program?

A “Key Contact” is a Minnesota Realtors® (MNR) member who has an existing relationship with a Minnesota state legislator and volunteers to help advocate for policies that advance the interest of Realtors®, homeowners, and those aspiring to become homeowners, at the state Capitol. These relationships will provide an opportunity for Realtor® members to connect with their state legislator(s) about the status of the market and provide policy insights on MNR’s legislative priorities.

What Does a Key Contact Do?

  • Contact your legislator (s) when/if MNR’s lobbyists request you to do so
  • Respond promptly to requests from your legislator(s)
    • This can include providing information on a bill that is moving through the legislative process, sharing a market update for the district, identifying MNR’s position on specific legislation, or letting MNR’s lobbyists know follow-up with the legislator is necessary
  • Attend Housing Day at the Capitol
  • Potentially join MNR lobbyists for a meeting with your legislator(s) to emphasize the importance of an issue under consideration or to provide real-world expertise regarding real estate
  • Potentially join MNR lobbyists for testimony before legislative committees
  • Stays up to date on legislative activity during session by reading the weekly update articles put out by MNR lobbyists

How Do I Get Involved?

A survey requesting volunteers goes out every year prior to the beginning of the Legislative Session. Please fill out the survey if you have existing relationships with one or more Minnesota legislators. Please identify all the existing relationships you have and the nature of those relationships.

If you miss the survey or would like to learn more, please contact Matt Spellman (