Commission Disputes


What is Mediation?

Mediation is a voluntary process where conflicting parties work with a qualified Mediation Officer (MO) to help resolve a dispute. It’s an excellent way to resolve conflicts between Association members, their clients, and customers. The MO maintains open communication while facilitating negotiations but does not dictate an award. When parties are willing to compromise, mediation is a viable alternative to formal arbitration.

Not a Substitute for Arbitration

Minnesota Realtors® offers mediation as a way to resolve a dispute before it goes to arbitration. It is 100% voluntary and not intended to replace arbitration procedures.

How to Request Mediation

When Minnesota Realtors® receives an arbitration request, we tell all parties about the option to participate in mediation before the request is reviewed by a Grievance Review Panel (GRP). If the parties agree to mediation, the matter is referred to an MO and the mediation is scheduled.

Note: Any party to the dispute can ask the GRP to determine if there is an issue requiring arbitration. In that case, mediation is offered following the GRP’s determination. Realtors® are encouraged to settle the dispute at any time during the arbitration process.

Alternatively, mediation can be requested by indicating “willingness to mediate” on Minnesota Realtors®’ Request and Agreement to Arbitrate form.

Learn More Before You File

Before filing a request for arbitration, learn more by reviewing Guide to Requests for Mediation/Arbitration Under Article 17 of the NAR Code of Ethics.

Also see Appendix II to Part 10 of the Manual.