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Deb Newell, MPM® RMP® REALTOR® owns and runs Real-Time Leasing, a property management company in Eagan, MN.  She also owns Real-Time Property Services, a wholly owned subsidiary of Real-Time Leasing, which offers rehabbing and maintenance services to a variety of large real estate investment groups, and Real-Time Consulting Services, a company focused on training, coaching and consulting property management companies focusing on people, processes and technology throughout the country.

Deb’s credentials include a Bachelors Degree in Political Science with an emphasis on Intentional Communities.  She has served as past NARPM® Governmental Affairs Vice-Chair and Chair and Regional Vice-President for the NE/NC Region.  She has served three terms as SPAAR RPAC Chair, currently as a Board Director for SPAAR and and is also Chair of NAR’s Property Management Forum. 

Deb has been invited to teach at many different venues across the country for both Real Estate and Software Organizations and conferences. Her passion is what makes her an Expert in Property Management.  Deb is viewed as an expert in the industry; from her life long interest in legislative matters in Real Estate to resolving everyday business conflicts; operating issues and formulating business processes that will help build a successful management company.